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Our services are geared towards all shapes, sizes, genders and ages

N4E Novelties is not just another t-shirt company.  We have unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else (unless they stole them).  People are always asking, “what does N4E mean”?  The N4E name is an acronym for “Not for Everyone”; and after viewing our designs, we’re sure you’ll agree with the name. If it’s off the wall, outside of the box or just downright sarcastic, you’ll find it here.  As the name suggests, we aren’t for everyone and never wanted to be.  But if you see something that makes you laugh or inspires you, why not buy 1 or 2 or 10 for yourself or someone in your life.  We guarantee whoever wears our shirts will most certainly get a reaction.


We hope you enjoy our life’s work…just kidding, we threw these together in a week.  Really?  No, we’re just being sarcastic….that happens a lot around here.

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